CookRight Coffee

CookRight Coffee is an artificial intelligence-powered system designed to monitor key metrics such as volume, temperature and time data, and combine these with predictive analytics to guarantee the perfect cup of coffee.

Volume sensors ensure availability meaning more successful first attempts and refills, fewer customer service asks and fallbacks to next-best-options.

CookRight Coffee knows how long coffee has been out and the temperature, alerting teams to replace urns quickly, making sure customers always get a hot drink.

Beyond AI-powered forecasting and intelligent alerts, CookRight Coffee delivered unprecedented data and insights.

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Coming 2022

CookRight Grill

CookRight Grill is the world's first artificial intelligence-powered cooking platform able to automatically identify and track products and tasks, giving restaurants the edge in precision, quality and efficiency.
MIso Robotics CookRight Grill Camera
Miso Robotics CookRight Grill Touchscreen
MIso Robotics CookRight Grill Camera
Miso Robotics CookRight Grill Touchscreen

CookRight monitors food in real time.

Cook steaks to perfection every time. Get critical alerts when to flip or remove.
Computer Vision

AI-powered cameras keep watch on food items — even when chefs can’t.

Machine Learning

CookRight learns how to automatically identify items placed on the cooking surface.

Self Installable

No special tools required, no holes to drill and no need to hire a technician. Works with existing equipment.


Improve restaurant operations with first-of-its-kind product quality data and reporting.

Over-the-Air Updates

We engineered CookRight to evolve and improve over time. Enhancements are automatically delivered from Miso.

24/7/365 Live Support

Need help? Live phone support is available 24-hours per day, year-around.

Simple RaaS Model

Our easy Robot-as-a-Service monthly fee covers all operational costs and support.

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