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The Miso Platform

The Miso Platform incorporates robotics with artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision and data analytics to create products that make restaurants safer, easier and friendlier.
Miso Robotics Platform

Revolutionary kitchen technology.

The Miso Platform leverages data from Miso products, third-party products and equipment, point-of-sale, the supply chain, labor and more to give a holistic picture of how your kitchens are operating.

Miso AI
  • Enables people and robots to operate more efficiently by forecasting the future.
  • Improves consistency across-the-board by knowing exactly how items should be prepared.
Robotics Framework
  • Pioneering AI and machine learning, computer vision, sensor systems and robotics to optimize modern kitchens.
  • Smart scheduling and recipe systems.
Kitchen Intelligence
  • New generation of kitchen analytics powered by artificial intelligence.
  • Track performance of Miso products.
  • Compiles equipment, product, labor and customer data into reporting that delivers first-of-its-kind kitchen insights.
24/7/365 Live Support
  • Real-time support tools are built into every Miso product.
  • Live professional support is always available.
  • Point of sale systems.
  • Enterprise business intelligence tools.
  • Kitchen equipment such as fryers, hot holding, product dispensers and others.

Bringing it all together.

The Miso Platform combines data from Miso products together with many other sources, providing a cohesive, omni-channel level of insights and intelligence.

The Miso Platform Overview Map

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