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Meet CookRight

Big brains, little package

Born from Flippy, our proven, AI-powered robotic kitchen assistant, CookRight uses the same vision technology and proprietary software to perform product identification, classification, and tracking on legacy grills and fryers. Through a digital interface that times, tracks, and alerts, teams are able to manage critical cooking tasks with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Built for Restaurants

  • True-Time System using vision technology to start/end cooktimes.
  • Able to identify and track any desired product.
  • Prompts critical actions.
  • Records actions taken.
  • Product specific visual alerts are given to the user.
  • Ability to use with existing equipment.
  • Self-installed easily in the restaurant.
  • A simple monthly fee that covers all operational costs.
  • Includes the Miso Analytics platforms which gives deep insight into:
    • Product usage and counts. (steak, burgers, oil, fried product)
    • Throughput
    • True cooking time.
    • And much more.
  • Gives the user visual feedback of time and placement of product.

Built for People

  • Reduces over cooking.
  • Simplifies training.
  • Removes uncertainty of location, product type, and cooking time.
  • Creates a visual aid to improve efficiencies during cooking.
  • True Timing offers unique timers per product.
  • Easier for team members to do their jobs well.