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The world's first POS-integrated automatic beverage dispenser and sealer.

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Miso Robotics Sippy Touchscreen
Cup Conveyor

A fully automatic conveyor efficiently moves cups along the unit.

Cup Singulation

Accommodates a range of cup sizes, accurately dispensing the correct cup as ordered.

Ice & Liquid Dispensing

Adds the ideal quantity of ice and pours the precise amount of beverage, reducing spills and waste from overfilling.

Smart Grouping

Groups cups in the staging area by order so that team members can quickly and easily deliver them to guests.

Cup Sealing

An airtight drink seal provides maximum carbonation retention and spill prevention – perfect for drive-thrus, takeout, and deliveries. Also, this innovation could save the world from millions of pounds of wasted plastic lids.

Point of Sale Integration

Integrates with your POS system, allowing Sippy to automatically fulfill drink orders at purchase so restaurant guests receive fast, accurate service.

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Miso Robotics Sippy Automatic Beverage Dispenser

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