Flippy 2

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Flipping awesome.

We take innovating seriously. Compared to the original model, Flippy 2 requires even less labor to operate and is engineered to fry nearly anything. A compact, modular design makes it adaptable to even the tightest kitchen spaces.
Miso Robotics Flippy 2 Doing the Work
Food Prep Tasks


Fried Food Throughput

30% MORE

Automatic Dispenser for high-volume fried foods.

Our new Automatic Dispenser options make Flippy 2 even more independent. Choose from single or dual hopper dispensers with frozen or refrigerated storage.

Miso Robotics Flippy 2 Automatic Dispenser
Miso Robotics Flippy 2 Putting Frozen Wings into AutoBin
AutoBins for all other types of foods.

Flippy 2 features up to three AutoBins and uses AI-vision to automatically recognize and transfer food. Team members simply place food in an AutoBin and Flippy 2 will fry it to perfection every time.

Flexible and adaptable.

More models coming 2022.
Flippy 2
starting ≈ $3,000/mo
Flexible & modular to meet any kitchen's needs
Flippy 2 Wings
starting ≈ $3,000/mo
Designed for high-volume chicken restaurants and includes refrigerated product dispensing
Maintenance & Support

Routine professional maintenance, service calls & 24/7 live support included

Fryer Capacity

Up to five fryers, single or dual slots

Automatic Dispenser

Flippy 2 can be equipped with an Automatic Dispenser, perfect for high-volume foods like French fries. Team members simply press a button and Flippy handles the rest. Available in a single or dual hopper configuration with refrigerated or frozen storage.

Optional Automatic Dispenser: single or dual hopper, refrigerated or frozen

Standard Automatic Dispenser: dual hopper, refrigerated


The all-new AutoBin module allows Flippy 2 to easily and independently fry nearly any type of food. Team members place the food in an AutoBin, Flippy 2 automatically recognizes the items and goes right to work.

Choose up to three AutoBins

Features three AutoBins standard

Flippy 2
Flippy 2 Wings

Flippy 2 is smarter, faster and leaner. Your team is going to love it.

Smarter all around.

Flippy 2’s new software fries food with improved efficiency and greater accuracy for more consistent, perfectly-cooked meals.

Faster than ever.

We’ve upgraded Flippy 2’s software and hardware to give it remarkable speed. Dramatically increase the throughput of your kitchen overnight.

Flippy 2 Transfering Wings to Hot Holding
Flippy at White Castle #42 in Merrillville, Indiana

Smaller footprint.

Square inches are precious in a kitchen. We’ve trimmed Flippy 2 to make it more compact plus expanded its ability to support more fryers.

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