Powered by Miso’s proprietary and patent-protected AI, Flippy is a ground-breaking, smart commercial kitchen robot that fries items from french fries to chicken nuggets, and works alongside humans to enhance quality and consistency, while creating substantial, measurable cost savings for restaurants.

Can Flippy fit?

In less than two minutes, learn about the parts that make-up Flippy, how Flippy fits into a kitchen’s workflow, and how staff use it.

Flippy is an innovative and advanced robotic system powered by Miso AI.

It’s designed to revolutionize the way cooking and food preparation are handled in commercial kitchens. Flippy combines cutting-edge technology with culinary expertise to help chefs and restaurant staff streamline their operations to deliver consistent, high-quality food.

Equipped with an array of sensors, cameras, and intelligent algorithms that allow it to fry food, Flippy manages cooking times with precision.

Its capabilities are not limited to a single type of cuisine or dish; Flippy can adapt to various cooking techniques and recipes, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen environment.

Collaborative Automation

Flippy works alongside human chefs and kitchen staff. It takes on repetitive, time-consuming, and dangerous tasks, freeing people to focus on more creative and complex aspects of food preparation.

Automatic Dispenser

Holds one or two different types of high-volume foods—such as fries.


Using Miso AI-powered computer vision, patent-protected “AutoBins” accommodate food not held in the dispenser, such as tater tots, onion rings, or chicken nuggets.

Speciality Baskets

Baskets with slots for delicate foods like tacos, egg rolls and chicken patties.

Consistency & Speed

Miso Robotics Flippy 2 Automatic Dispenser

By following cooking times precisely, Flippy ensures that each dish is prepared consistently, maintaining the quality and taste that customers expect.

The power of Miso AI makes Flippy extremely efficient. Flippy increases throughput—particularly during peak rushes—which truly boosts customer satisfaction.


Flippy automates the most repetitive, dangerous, frying work—to the delight of kitchen staff. No more sweating, slipping or burning.

Diners enjoy the knowledge of a much more sanitary cooking environment,  far less chance of cross-contamination, and great tasting food every time.

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