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9/20/18 – Miso Robotics Enhances Miso AI Platform to Include Frying Skills, Releases Pilot Program Results from Dodger Stadium

7/26/18 – Collabortative pilot projects debuts sports world’s first AI and robotic kitchen assistant at Dodger stadium

6/29/18 – Flippy to Begin Working Full-Day Shifts at CaliBurger

3/5/18 – Flippy, the World’s First Autonomous Robotic Kitchen Assistant, Now Cooks Burgers at CaliBurger in Pasadena, California

3/5/18 – Miso Robotics and Levy Enter into Strategic Partnership to Bring Robotic Kitchen Assistants to Sports and Entertainment Venues

2/15/18 – Miso Robotics Secures $10 Million in Series B Funding Led by Acacia Research

7/6/17 – Miso Robotics, Makers of ‘Flippy,’ Secures $3.1 Million in Funding…

3/7/17 – Miso Robotics Unveils “Flippy” in CaliBurger Kitchen, Plans Worldwide Rollout



11/7/19 – VentureBeat: Miso Robotics seeks $30 million in equity crowdfunding campaign

11/7/19 – Robotics Business Review: Miso Robotics Seeks $30M Through Crowdfunding

10/2/19 – The Spoon: CaliBurger Adds a Second Flippy Robot to Make French Fries

5/24/19 – VentureBeat: AI Weekly: Truly autonomous home robots aren’t within sight yet

5/21/19 – Forbes: Levy’s E15 Division Embraces Technology in Baseball

5/14/29 – Engadget: Tomorrow’s ‘general’ AI revolution will grow from today’s technology

4/29/19 – The Spoon: Report: Food Robotics Market to Hit $3.1 Billion by 2025

4/23/19 – Smart Brief: Robotics in the food industry: Where’s the opportunity?

4/17/19 – Axios: 1 big thing: Robots move in on food

4/16/19 – The Spoon: Here’s The Spoon’s 2019 Food Robotics Market Map

3/24/19 – CBS Radio Reports – BanMiller Business: Flippy: The Robotic Chef Disrupting the Restaurant Industry

3/13/19 – The Spoon: ArticulATE Q&A: Miso’s CEO on How Flippy the Robot Will Move From Frying to Chopping

2/26/19 – The Robot Report: 6 Unique Applications for Cobots

2/20/19 – Fast Company: Most Innovative Companies 2019

1/9/19 – Investor’s Business Daily: CES 2019: Robot Chefs Ready To Make You Burgers, Fries, Bread, Coffee

1/9/19 – CNBC: Cooking robots and self-driving taxis: 10 ways tech is trying to change the world

1/7/19 – Fox News: 10 Business techs for entrepreneurs at CES 2019


12/15/18 – Forbes: Here’s What 2019 Has In Store For Restaurant Operators

12/13/18 – Forbes: In Foodservice, Automation Can Reduce Labor Costs and Build Consistency

12/10/18 – Yahoo Finance: EXCLUSIVE: Walmart is testing a robot fry cook named ‘Flippy’ at its delis

11/29/18 – LA Business Journal: Los Angeles Business Journal Innovation Special Report 2018

11/29/18 – LA Business Journal: Robo Chef: Miso Robotics Gets Out of the Lab and Into the Kitchen

11/5/18 – Sports Business Daily: Robot chef at Dodger Stadium cooks up cost-friendly season

10/16/18 – Nation’s Restaurant News: Tech Tracker: Flippy the burger robot moonlights as fry cook

8/28/18 – Forbes: How The Robot Hamburger Flipper Will Transform Food Service In Stadiums

8/6/18 – TasteMade: People are flipping out over Flippy – the robo hamburger chef at CaliBurger

7/26/18 – ABC7: Robot cook Flippy is coming to Dodger Stadium in August

7/26/18 – Eater LA: Pasadena’s Burger-Flipping Robot Will Now Fry Chicken at Dodger Stadium

7/26/18 – Food & Wine: Flippy the Robot Is the Tater Tot-Making Boyfriend I Deserve

7/26/18 – Pasadena Now: Pasadena’s Burger-Flipping Robot is Being Called Up by the Majors, Signed by Dodgers to Fry Chicken Tenders

7/26/18 – Sports Business Daily: Levy, Dodgers soft launching robotic chef at Dodger Stadium

7/26/18 – VentureBeat: Miso Robotics’ Flippy robot will fry chicken and tater tots at Dodger Stadium this summer

7/26/18 – USA Today: Flippy the robot hamburger flipper has a new gig – at Dodger Stadium

6/24/18 –Wall Street Journal: Short of Workers , Fast-Food Restaurants Turn to Robots

6/7/18 – Good Morning America: This robot named Flippy can cook your hamburger for you

5/28/18 – USA Today: Hamburger-making robot Flippy is back at Calif. chain

3/6/18 – CBS Los Angeles: Burger-flipping robot put to work at Pasadena restaurant 

3/6/18 – Mashable: Burger-flipping robot, Flippy, lands job as a line cook at CaliBurger

3/6/18 – Fox News: Meet Flippy, your new fast food grill cook who never takes a day off

3/6/18 – NBC News: Watch this burger-flipping robot get to work

3/6/18 – CBS News: Burger-flipping robot “Flippy” starts shift at CaliBurger

3/6/18 – Newsweek: Robot flips burgers for California restaurant better than a human

3/5/18 – CNET: This robot flips burgers

3/5/18 – Digital Trends: Flippy the burger-flipping robot is now working alongside humans at CaliBurger

3/5/18 – Washington Post: Meet ‘Flippy,’ a burger flipping robot alternative to wage-earning workers

3/5/18 – TechCrunch: Flippy, the robot hamburger chef, goes to work 

3/5/18 – NPR: ‘Flippy’ the fast food robot (sort of) mans the grill at Caliburger

3/5/18 – BBC: Burger-flipping robot begins first shift

3/5/18 – KTLA: Flippy the burger flipping robot is now cooking at the CaliBurger fast food chain

3/5/18 – USA Today: Meet Flippy, the robot hamburger flipper

2/22/18 – ZDNet: Miso Robotics scores some cheddar for its burger-flipping robot

2/21/18 – Forbes: Miso raises $10 million to bring burger-flipping robots to a restaurant near you

2/16/18 – Food & Wine: Flippy, the burger-flipping robot, raises another $10 million from investors

2/15/18 – TechCrunch: Miso scores $10 million to bring its hamburger flipping robot to more restaurants

2/15/18 – VentureBeat: Miso Robotics raises $10 million to launch Flippy the burger-flipping robot



12/12/17 – Los Angeles Business: Journal Miso Robotics Hires COO to Help Expand Restaurant Installations

12/7/17 – The Atlantic: Robots Will Transform Fast Food

11/17/17 – CNET: Robot restaurants put a new spin on fast casual

10/16/17 – Digital Trends: Your future kitchen has a smart oven, a burger-flipping bot, and 36 bacon programs

10/5/17 – The Wall Street: Journal Robotic Chefs Arrive in Restaurant Industry

9/20/17 – The Washington Post: A robotic hamburger flipper gets its first job

9/9/17 – TechCrunch: Robokitchens are Coming: Zume Pizza & Miso Robotics 

9/19/17 – Eater: LA LA’s New Burger-Flipping Robot Is the Future of Fast Food

9/19/17 – TechCrunch: Flippy, the hamburger cooking robot, gets its first restaurant gig

8/7/17 – CBS News: Could fast-food’s high-tech future hurt jobs?

7/28/17 – Nation’s Restaurant News: Will automation supplant the restaurant worker?

7/13/17 – TechCrunch: Hungry? There’s a robot for that at TC Disrupt SF

7/7/17 – Inc.: This Robot Can Cook the Perfect Burger. Should America’s 2.3 Million Cooks Be Worried?

7/6/17 – L.A. Biz: CaliBurger to use robot to flip burgers

7/4/17 – CNBC: Meet Flippy, the burger-flipping robot poised to transform fast food

7/4/17 – CNBC: Robots are coming to a burger joint near you

6/26/17 – The Guardian: What jobs will still be around in 20 years? Read this to prepare your future

6/22/17 – ATTN: These Robots Are Changing the Face of Fast Food