Miso & CaliExpress by Flippy Star in NBC Nightly News

Miso & CaliExpress by Flippy Star in NBC Nightly News

We’re thrilled to share that Miso Robotics recently featured on NBC Nightly News in a segment that takes a deep dive into the future of fast food. The coverage, which aired on NBC Nightly News, showcases how our innovative robotic technology is cooking up burgers and fries at a new California fast-food restaurant.

Bringing the Heat to Kitchen Technology

At Miso, we’re not just developing technology; we’re crafting the future of the culinary experience. Our robots, like the popular Flippy, are at the forefront of kitchen innovation, designed to enhance efficiency and precision in food preparation. NBC Nightly News took a firsthand look at how our AI-powered robotics handle the complexities of cooking in a bustling restaurant environment.

Why Miso?

Our mission at Miso extends beyond automation; it’s about augmenting the capabilities of human workers, leading to safer, more efficient kitchens. The feature by NBC highlights the positive feedback from both the restaurant staff and patrons, emphasizing how our robots seamlessly integrate into the fast-food landscape.

Experience the Revolution

Watch the segment on NBC’s website to see our robots in action. The future of fast food is not just about speed and efficiency; it’s also about innovation and quality. At Miso, we’re proud to set the bar high.

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