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Flippy Lite

Flippy Lite is designed to focus on a single product that needs seasoning and finishing — and do so with blistering efficiency and accuracy.
Flippy Lite
Storage & Dispensing

The Automatic Dispenser stores enough refrigerated or frozen foods to last through the busiest of peak periods, dispensing the right amount of product at the right time.

Frying & Draining

Flippy Lite matches restaurants’ existing standard operating procedures for cooking and draining.

Fresh Sauces & Seasonings

Seasoning dispensers support nearly any dry or liquid ingredient to be freshly applied to cooked foods.

Mixing & Finishing

Flippy Lite properly mixes and distributes seasoning and sauces before unloading completely finished food into hot holding.

Small Footprint

Coming in at less that three feet deep and six feet wide Flippy Lite has such a small footprint it is wheeled in for installation completely assembled. It’s great for the tightest of kitchen layouts.

Safety & Sanitation

Prior to being installed, units are assessed for NSF and ETL certification requirements.

Installs Overnight

The Miso Robotics team installs Flippy Lite in just one night. The next day, they are training the staff.

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