Miso Featured on CNBC: Robot cooks are rapidly making their way into restaurant kitchens

Miso Featured on CNBC: Robot cooks are rapidly making their way into restaurant kitchens

CNBC’s Todd Wasserman covered Miso’s partnerships with Chipotle, Wing Zone and White Castle:
  • Robots have been making their way into kitchens nationwide as the technology becomes cheaper and finding workers becomes harder.
  • Chipotle, Wing Zone, and White Castle are just some of the restaurant chains investing in robotics.
  • Stellar Pizza, founded by former SpaceX engineers, built a touchless machine that fits in the back of a truck that can make pizzas in under a minute.
White Castle Teammember with Flippy 2
A White Castle team member next to Miso Robotics’ Flippy. Courtesy: Miso Robotics


The trend has moved far beyond pizza as well, with Miso Robotics, the maker of the Flippy 2 — a robot arm that works the fryer at fast-food restaurants — already deployed at Chipotle, White Castle and Wing Zone. It’s being introduced to the Middle East market as well through a partnership with Americana, a franchisor and franchisee with over 2,000 restaurants in the region including KFC, Hardees and Pizza Hut.

Robot chefs becoming “commonplace”

Jake Brewer, Miso Robotics’ chief strategy officer, said such machinery will soon be commonplace in restaurants.

“I believe that if anyone wanted to, they could go see a robot working in a restaurant in 2024, 2025,” Brewer said. “You can go see robots cooking right now and that’s only going to grow week over week.” 

Chipotle Mexican Grill worked with Miso Robotics to customize the “Chippy” robot, which cooks and seasons Chipotle’s chips with salt and fresh lime juice. The robot is trained to recreate the exact recipe using artificial intelligence.

As of March, Chipotle was testing the robot at its innovation hub in Irvine, California, the Chipotle Cultivate Center. The company plans to use it in a restaurant in Southern California later this year and will determine if it will roll it out nationally.