Our Mission

Develop technology that assists and empowers chefs to make food consistently and perfectly, at prices everyone can afford.

Meet Flippy, your kitchen assistant.

Flippy the robotic kitchen assistant

Portable, collaborative, and adaptable.

Designed for real working kitchens.

Flippy 2
Cooking A.I.

Assists with grilling.

Flippy 3

Assists with frying.

Flippy 4

Assists with prepping.

Flippy 5

Assists with plating.

Flippy 6

The Team

David D. Zito

David D. Zito


Ryan Sinnet

Ryan Sinnet, PhD


Rob Anderson

Rob Anderson

Co-Founder/Mechanical Engineering

Benjamin Pelletier

Benjamin Pelletier

Machine Vision/Machine Learning/AI

Grant Stafford

Grant Stafford

Industrial Design/Manufacturing

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