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Welcome to the Flippy Customer Onboarding Center! 

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To request a new installation, complete the form here. A Miso representative will reach out to you to schedule an Install Consultation meeting for your location.

Once your installation date is locked in, ensure your team and restaurant are prepared for Flippy’s arrival.

Review and complete the tasks on the Install Preparation Checklist prior to your install date.

Installation takes approximately 48 hours. The restaurant will be down for the duration of the install.

Once install is complete, the Miso team will conduct onsite training for team members. If your team members cannot make the training session, or you onboard new employees beyond the install date, utilize the Flippy Training Video and Job Aids  provided by Miso to train your team.
Miso has a 24/7 Support Team called the “Miso Support Center”. This team is dedicated to troubleshooting issues, replacing components if something breaks, answering questions, or helping to dispatch a technician. See here for more information.
Absolutely! If you would like to train your own technicians to repair Flippy, they must go through training, and obtain a certificate to work on Flippy. Learn more about the Technician Training & Certification Program here.

1. Pre-Install

Meet Flippy!

Powered by Miso’s proprietary and patent protected AI, Flippy is a ground-breaking, smart commercial kitchen robot that fries items from french fries to chicken nuggets, and works alongside humans to enhance quality and consistency while creating substantial, measurable cost savings for restaurants. 

Select which Flippy model is best for your restaurant based on hood type, fryer count, workflow, and menu. Download Spec Sheets to view detailed Power, Network, and Space Requirements.

Not sure which Flippy model is best for you? Contact for help.

1A. Backshelf Hood – 3 Fryers – Right to Left Flow

Download Spec Sheet 1A

1B. Backshelf Hood – 3 Fryers – Left to Right Flow

Download Spec Sheet 1B

2A. Canopy Hood – 3 Fryers – Right to Left Flow

Download Spec Sheet 2A

2B. Canopy Hood – 3 Fryers – Left to Right Flow

Download Spec Sheet 2B

3A. Canopy Hood – 4 Fryers – Right to Left Flow – Specialty Basket Foods

Download Spec Sheet 3A


At Miso, we believe onboarding is a two-way street. To facilitate a more in-depth understanding of your restaurant’s operations and challenges, we have started the Miso Onsite Immersion Program. 

This program sends Miso employees to work the fry station shift at your restaurant before Flippy is installed. This hands-on experience fosters a user-centric perspective within our team, and a deeper understanding of the nuances and challenges unique to your brand. These insights help guide design decisions for new features, and lead to better user adoption. 

Learn More About the Miso Onsite Immersion Program 

Miso will set up a one hour on-site visit at your restaurant to screen for any required infrastructure or equipment changes to install Flippy.

What We Look For:

  • Fryer Compatibility
  • Required Power Outlets
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Existing Infrastructure (Hood Height, Ansul Length)
  • Other Interfering Equipment

Once the visit is complete, Miso provides a Site Configuration Package that lists required changes to install Flippy at your restaurant.

Download Sample Site Configuration Package 

Installing Flippy at your location may require changes to infrastructure, architecture, or equipment. Permits and Certifications must be obtained for construction prior to Flippy install. Learn more about the Permits & Certifications Process. 

Note that requirements will vary by city and county.

2. Install

Follow the steps below to prepare your restaurant for installation:


  • Select Onsite Point of Contact at your restaurant


  • Brief your team on the restaurant’s closure, and Flippy’s incoming arrival
  • Schedule team members and technicians for post-install training
  • Receive & Store Rental Equipment safely inside the restaurant
  • Set aside extra food and oil for Miso to conduct testing


  • Clear ingress path to fry station
  • Clear fry station area and walls of all equipment or tools
  • Clean and empty fryer vats
  • Move fryers out of the way of the install area

Miso’s installation team will coordinate with your restaurant to install Flippy. The restaurant will not be operational during installation. Flippy installation takes approximately 48 hours.

Breakdown of Miso Installation Activities
  • Arrival & Unloading
  • Flippy Build
  • Flippy Setup & Calibration
  • Flippy Testing with Food
  • Testing Complete: Flippy is ready to use!
  • 2 Hours: Team Member Training
  • 2 Hours: Restaurant Technician Training
  • Handoff & Miso Onsite Support
Download Installation Schedule 

Introducing Flippy into your restaurant is a big change. It is crucial to Flippy’s adoption that your team members and managers know what to expect, and how Flippy will impact daily operations.

Manager FAQs

Team Member FAQs

Team Member Training

Miso offers onsite team member training after installation is complete. Download the content below to integrate Flippy training materials into your LMS:


Technician Training Program 

For restaurants who want to use their own technicians, Miso offers onsite technician training after installation is complete. Virtual Technician training is available upon request.

Learn More about Technician Training & Certification

For best performance, Miso recommends cleaning Flippy on a daily basis. 

  • Cleaning Flippy takes approximately 25 minutes of active cleaning time 
  • Flippy’s dispenser must be defrosted daily for approximately 90 minutes 
  • Flippy’s components are designed to be easily cleaned in place, or removed and cleaned in the sink


Cleaning Job Aids:

Download Cleaning Job Aid 

Download Dispenser Cleaning Job Aid

3. Post-Install

The Miso Support Center operates 24/7, and provides support with the following:

24/7 Phone Support in English or Spanish:

  • Issue Resolution
  • Troubleshooting
  • Questions about Flippy

Coordinate Visits to your location for: 

  • Parts Replacements
  • Repairs
  • Preventative Maintenance

Contact the Miso Support Center at 202-915-6514 or email

Learn More About the Miso Support Center

Flippy is designed to adapt to your evolving menu needs. All new menu items will go through the following process:
  1. Ship New Product & Recipe to Miso Lab for testing 6 Weeks prior to start date
  2. Miso tests and trains Flippy with the new product  
  3. Miso simulates cooking to assess impact to your throughput and provides a report
  4. Miso updates Flippy software
  5. Start Cooking!
Learn More about Adding New Menu Items or LTOs to Flippy

Flippy will periodically receive automatic software updates to enhance its reliability, performance and introduce new features. The software update will take 5-10 minutes, and you can cook manually while Flippy updates.

Learn More About Flippy Software Updates

Learn more about how we collect data, and how it can be used to measure and analyze Flippy’s performance in your restaurant.

Learn More about Flippy Data & Reporting

Work with Local News & Media to drum up excitement about Flippy and increase sales to your restaurant.

View Tips For Engaging Local Media

Download Press Release Template 

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